Positive Displacement Pumps for Your Trucking & Transport Needs

Move your liquid products quickly and safely by choosing MASTER PUMPS & POWER for gear and positive displacement pumps. When you run a company that delivers liquid products, you need pumps that are reliable and effective. We have the largest inventory of Roper® pumps in the United States. In addition, we offer special pricing for large orders.

Serving the industry since 1968, we rank as one of the largest pumps distributors in the nation. Because we have more than 45 years of experience in the business, you can depend on us for top-quality pumps, exceptional customer services, and the best prices around. We also specialize in pump rebuilds and can refurbish your equipment for your tank trailer.

Your Primary Source for Quality Gear Pumps

Positive Displacement PumpsGet in gear and stay ahead of your competitors by relying on us for state-of-the-art gear pumps. We carry Roper pumps that provide rugged, simple, and cost effective solutions to meet your needs. These advanced pumps deliver a constant amount of liquid for each revolution to maintain consistent outflow.

  • Special Pricing for Large Quantities
  • Largest inventory of Roper pumps in the United States, IN STOCK NOW.

Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

Vaccuum Pumps & BlowersVaccuum Pumps & BlowersVacuum pumps move air into or out of an area. This can be used for a variety of applications: septic, oil and gas, waste disposal. We sell and install vacuum pumps from the top brands: National®, Fruitland®, and Masport®. When you need heavy-duty pumps for your trucking, transport, or industrial applications, MASTER PUMPS & POWER is here to serve your needs.

What Is A Positive Displacement Pump?

Positive Displacement PumpsWhether you are transporting salt water, oil, fresh water, or another liquid, you can depend on our company for a variety of positive displacement pumps to suit your purposes. For instance, we carry Waukesha Cherry-Burrell pumps that are known in the industry for their reliability and affordability. From self-priming pumps to high-capacity pumps, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell supplies some of the best pumps in the industry.

Other products we offer include:

Reciprocating Pumps

  • Coolers
  • Waukesha Lobe Pumps
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Reciprocating Pumps
  • Rebuilds Available – We can refurbish your equipment for your tank trailer

Waukesha Lobe Pumps Progressive Cavity Pumps Reciprocating Pumps Reciprocating Pumps

Contact us for wholesale pricing on our state-of-the-art vacuum pumps. We proudly serve customers in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, W. Virginia, Ohio, Wyoming, and Montana.