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When your organization is involved with processes using compressed gases or fluids that you need to move through or out of your facility, piston pumps are often the most suitable solution.

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What Are Piston Pumps Used For?

Put simply, a piston pump is type of positive displacement pump. Its piston works by reciprocating with the unit’s high-pressure seal.

As indicated by the name, a piston pump works with a plunger (AKA piston) that moves into the cylinder under the motive power of a shaft or wheel, to move a given volume of liquid or gas.

Each time the piston moves back into position, it moves the same amount of fluid as the action continues over and over.

The Benefits of Piston Pumps

You’ll find that there a number of benefits that come from working with piston pumps, such as:

* Ideal for high-productivity environments where gas or liquid pressure does not affect how the pump operates

* Suitable for use with abrasive slurries and other liquids

* Can be used for pumping high-viscosity fluids

* Work with high variations in operational pressures

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