Master Pumps’ Top of the Line Lobe Pumps are Built with the Highest Standards of Sanitation, Efficiency, and Reliability in Mind.

lobe pumps

Pulp and paper, chemical, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and more – a range of industries rely on lobe pumps for their ability to handle solids without damage, and liquids without flow interruption. Their non-contacting mechanisms and large pumping chambers make rotary lobe pumps an industry favorite within manufacturing and processing companies worldwide. At Master Pumps, we provide our customers with best in class industrial and sanitary lobe pumps, meeting 3-A, EHEDG, and USDA sanitation requirements when needed. Our lobe pumps have superior corrosion resistant abilities and offer convenient clean/sterilize in place (CIP/SIP) characteristics.

Whether your application requires the use of single lobe pumps, bi-wing lobe pumps, tri-lobe, or multi-lobe pumps, Master Pumps has you covered. At Master Pumps, we understand the importance of reliable lobe pumps. Unreliable equipment leads to downtimes, which can mean inefficiencies and, ultimately, lost profits. That’s why reliability is our number one priority. From our pumps’ stainless steel heads and casings, to gearboxes, rotors, shafts, and shaft seals, all components of our lobe pumps are built with durability and dependability in mind to allow for years upon years of reliable use that you can count on.

Master Pumps produces high quality lobe pumps designed to last and remain strong and durable for many decades, reducing the cost of lifetime ownership substantially. Our lobe pumps are crafted to exceed application expectations, so they won’t fail when you need to depend on them most. With a wide variety of products to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect lobe pump for your application at Master Pumps.

Don’t let your business grind to a halt when your equipment isn’t working properly. Master Pumps offers state-of-the-art pumps of all kinds, all shapes, and all sizes. As leading pump distributors, we have a huge inventory of pumps, engines, and gensets. We also have in-house capabilities for custom design and fabrication. We’re uniquely positioned to offer our lobe pumps at wholesale prices, providing quality materials at lower rates than our competitors.

Half a Century of Experience – That’s Reliability.

Contact Master Pumps if you need a reliable and affordable pump provider for your business. Master Pumps & Power has been serving a multitude of industries since 1968. With more than 50 years of experience, reliability matters to us – and we know exactly what it means to stick around.